Midwives, Food and Drink

Another article on why women should be able to eat and drink during labor.. so that the labor does not outlast her blood sugar...

This was written in response to this article, put out by ACOG-- with the rest of us yelling.... DUH!

We know there are risks of mother's aspirating vomit while under anesthesia, however, NORMAL births are done without anesthesia, and this level of precaution for the 'just in case it's surgery' reason is not only ridiculous, but harmful.

If mother cannoe keep up her blood sugar, not only is she hungry, but baby is hungry. Labor is hard work for both parties, and to deprive a fetus of food while he is making the hardest trip of his life is downright cruel. Babies go into distress when they cannot cope with their environment, and it's not too much of a leap to assume that being exhausted and without nourishment for the hours long marathon of labor could add to a baby ending up 'in distress'.

Give the woman a cheeseburger! Or at least a bowl of fruit! I guarantee this will result in lower incidence of fetal distress, which will mean fewer interventions, fewer instrumental births, and fewer cesarean sections.

Ridiculous Product of the Day

Morning CHICKness bags. I am not lying.

In all my barfing, I never wished for a pretty little barf bag to call my own! This is bizarre!

I can't believe someone decided to market a barf bag to preggers! What's next, barf toothpaste??

Too funny!

Reducing Infant Mortality

This video talks about infant mortality rates and some of the largest contributing factors that deal with it, and what can be done about it. Sadly, race is a large factor. So is prematurity, which is often linked to inductions, and poor nutrition. Other contributing factors are epidural, pitocin induction/augmentation, and cesarean section.

Sadly, the top 6 conditions that commonly end in death come out of L&D. I think it's time to take a look at what is being done routinely and why-- the whole system needs an overhaul. But until then-- it is the responsibility of the parent to know what each procedure does, and what risks go with it, and to manage their pregnancy as best they see fit.

This is a long video, but I do really beleive in what they are saying, and this is something I think every pregnant couple should hear. Your choices as a consumer are so important, and your research on your choices and options can create a better outcome for your baby.
Please watch and support this cause!

And here is the link to their home page for reference material, and other places to join up with about this cause.

Kangaroo Care

Check out this Kangaroo Care Article.

While I'm really not a fan of the 'anti-medical, doctors are morons' type of slant this article has to it-- I am really encouraged to see more news about Kangaroo care out there, and how amazing it is for infants' development!

It's also such a happy story!

Breastfeeding Tea

I just learned that there is a Dr. Mary Ann Meyer-Jones in Valparaiso, IN who hosts a FREE Breastfeeding 'Tea meeting' for moms who are her patients once a month.

How cool is that? Wish more offices offered this as well!

(PS-- if you are a provider, I volunteer to lead the meetings)

I am filing this away under 'cool things to start up in the future!'

Home Deliveries are NOT just for Pizza!!

Here is the link to an article on the home birth vs. hospital birth debate-- and all the animosity and anger that keep this debate flowing, and also keep consumer choices limited to all or nothing, black or white, hospital or home.

It doesn't have to be this way, and I wish people could spend more time getting to know the other side before passing judgement, and opening their minds a bit to the possibilities and benefits to a situation they might not see as ideal. And both sides are guilty of this.

This is just more evidence of why it is so important to be an educated consumer when it comes to your birth, your provider, and your choices. Options are more limited with some people and some places than others, and its important you find a birth team who has a similar opinion to you on what is important to you, and will be able to support your choices well through all the variations that can happen at a birth.

Ask questions! Get to know your provider! you will only have each baby ONCE, so there is only one chance to cultivate good memories from that day. Choose wisely...