Reducing Infant Mortality

This video talks about infant mortality rates and some of the largest contributing factors that deal with it, and what can be done about it. Sadly, race is a large factor. So is prematurity, which is often linked to inductions, and poor nutrition. Other contributing factors are epidural, pitocin induction/augmentation, and cesarean section.

Sadly, the top 6 conditions that commonly end in death come out of L&D. I think it's time to take a look at what is being done routinely and why-- the whole system needs an overhaul. But until then-- it is the responsibility of the parent to know what each procedure does, and what risks go with it, and to manage their pregnancy as best they see fit.

This is a long video, but I do really beleive in what they are saying, and this is something I think every pregnant couple should hear. Your choices as a consumer are so important, and your research on your choices and options can create a better outcome for your baby.
Please watch and support this cause!

And here is the link to their home page for reference material, and other places to join up with about this cause.


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