Breastfeeding Bashing hits the presses this week! D'oh!

An Article on the rampant masogynist legislation against mothers who breastfeed, and have the audacity to feed their children in public.

I try not to post overly negative press on here, but this one just can't be ignored. When will our culture learn to embrace what is healthy, what is good, and what is RIGHT??

Breast is BEST-- and women have the right to work and parent, just like their husbands do!!

And here is another article, written by a fellow lactivist and feminist, TFB. This was written in response to another article where breastfeeding discrimination is the topic, and the journalist thinks it's appropriate to say it's 'not illegal' instead of 'protected by law', or something else that makes it sound like breastfeeding is not a dirty, nasty habit that patchouli-wearing, basket-weaving, anti-establishment hippie moms do.


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