A SIGN of the Times

So, here we are, back at the sign that everyone is up in arms about. Do I like it? No. Do I think it's hateful and ignorant and arrogant? Yes. But there's a deeper issue here I'd like to discuss.

The fact that the sign is UP us a victory for doulas and natural birthers everywhere. There are enough women asking for a birth of choice to upset someone who is not accustomed to giving them-- which means, we're mainstream. Of course, it's not good news that this doctor's office felt it necessary to say 'we are not like them and do not accept them', but I DO find it encouraging that our natural birth/doula/vbac movement is strong enough, and has enough interest generated by it that this office felt it necessary to say 'we're not like them'.

To be a 'them' is to be recognized as the 'other party' in a conflict, which means our side has gained enough public respect to be bothersome and common for this office. It's too bad they don't like us, progress takes time, but it does happen. Little by little the old school will be overturned, and the liberals win out. Progress is just that, what happens over time. Progress never stops, and to me, this is great sign that acknowledges our presence and prevalence in the mainstream birth communbity.

This makes me angry, but gives me hope. In 20 years, many women will either leave this office in disgust, or the sign will be taken down by a 'new management' who isn't so bothered by women's choices. You can't stop progress, not even with nifty green engraved signs in your waiting room that are full of spelling and grammatical errors.


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