Spinning Babies

Here is a link to a site dedicated to 'spinning babies'. This is information dedicated to fetal positioning, or the way your baby is 'poised for exit'. While most babies present in an Occiput Anterior Position with their heads down, some babies will start off in labor in a breech, transverse, or posterior position. These positions can sometimes be delivered safely, and other times not.

Either way, the ideal position for baby is OA, and is less painful and easier to
push out. Most moms are big fans of easier and less painful when it comes to birth! Babies that present in alternate positions in late pregnancy and early labor can be 'spun' or stimulated to find another position before delivery. Many times, labor will stall out, or slow down until baby is able to achieve a more ergonomic position, and sometimes, baby needs help from mom to get that way.

This is the idea behind the 'spinning babies' techniques. Babies continue to move and rotate as part of a normal, healthy labor, and changing positions can help baby to descend more quickly, and get into the best position. It is best to get a doula who is familiar with how positioning can help you with delivery BEFORE a problem appears, and lucky for you, I'm one of them. :O)


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