Patience, patience, patients...

I was at a birth that was over 30 hours this week, and WHEW it was hard work for all of us-- obviously less for me than the laboring mother, but you get the idea. I just wanted to say KUDOS to those women who carefully choose their providers, and THANK YOU to those providers with enough confidence in 'normal' birth to not mess with things.

This was for my 'anonymous' mom who switched to my FAVE midwives at 35 weeks. What a brave, but sensationally brilliant move. I know a lot is said about how offices are supportive (or unsupportive) of VBAC moms, but I want to point out that AVOIDING cesarean should be applauded, as well. And this was certainly done.

They exhibited NOTHING but patience, despite the midwife being well into her third trimester herself, and despite an all hands on deck showing by the staff in the office, I really really fell strongly that she got the BEST care possible, and a beautiful vaginal birth.

I learned from one of these midwives that last week they let a different mother push for 6 hours. SIX HOURS-- she obviously had an epidural, but the point here is that most people would have cited 'failure to progress' or CPD and sent her to the OR after 2 or 3 hours. But baby looked fine, and this office let her go for 6. God bless Midwives. I know where I am having my next baby!


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