Labor drugs and breastfeeding problems... more news

Here is another Article on Labor drugs and breastfeeding difficulties.

Of course, I understand that these interventions were invented to fill a need, and that every situation is different. Some situations warrant medications to promote safety, but I just want to re-emphasize my firm belief in evidence-based medicine, and informed consent.

I cannot tell you how important it is to fully understand and appreciate the risks and benefits of each intervention BEFORE you need decide about them. Being prepared is the way to really have effective control and choice over tour situation, when there are so many other variables you don't get to choose.

My experience with LLL has revealed some interesting lessons to me, the largest of which is that
moms who have C-sections are at a much higher risk for breastfeeding problems. And as has
been proven, c-sections are MUCH more likely when an epidural and pitocin are involved. I also know that some of the medications administered can dry up milk, and that mom has less exposure to baby, and about a thousand other variables.... but it is my opinion that data like this should not be ignored.
Know your options, know your body, know what to expect, and know your doctor!!


Tracy said...
September 4, 2009 at 4:01 AM

I could not agree more! I think my problems with breastfeeding definitely where 80% related to having a c-section. And now I hear that some of the medication that they give you to stop bleeding can also cause some breastfeeding problems. My theory on it is also that when you have a c-section your body doesn’t get enough chance to prepare itself for breastfeeding.

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