Consumerism and birth

This is a great article on Informed Decision Making for pregnancy and birth. It's a must read for all the newly-pregnant mommas out there!

It is my opinion that informed consent and mother's rights are two of the most important things a pregnant family should learn. I'm not suggesting that people are 'out to get you' or anything like that, but that you can't have
the birth you want if you don't educate yourself on your options, choices, and wishes. It's just as important to choose the right provider, something I cannot emphasize enough.

Informed consent is also SO important. Having an understanding of basic procedures, the reasons for them, and the potential risks/benefits is so important for parents to understand while laboring. I generally recommend
research of the common interventions before labor begins so that parents are aware of their options as situations present themselves. I also teach students and clients quite a bit about this, as a decision you make one moment can effect you and your baby for years to come. This is also where I help to navigate choices, and advocate for my clients in the delivery room. I am there to help with facts and information, as well as reassuring frightened laboring parents about what is being recommended and why.

Having babies can be such an amazing and inspiring thing, but we have to feel like we have rights and choices to create the kind of environment that spirituality comes with. Oh, and getting a doula also really, really helps. :) Especially if your doula is me!


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