Some Oddities

I found this list of oddities as they relate to pregnancy and birth because of the 19.2lb baby born this week, and I couldn't help but check it out. The baby is GINORMOUS, and I'm guessing he's probably going to start his life in 12 month clothes! It's really quite unbelievable.

Babies won't normally grow to a size that is so 'undeliverable'-- our bodies will generally go into labor when room runs out, or temper baby's size so he still fits his vessel. But in this case, the mom had a case of untreated gestational diabetes, which gives higher blood sugar and can make for some very large babies as a side effect.

Gestational Diabetes should be monitored to prevent extreme cases like this, but is generally not a major issue. If you have been diagnosed with GD, it's important to talk to your provider about their policies when it comes to monitoring baby, ultrasounds, and early induction. GD mothers will also have to monitor their sugar intake, and I've known a few who used a diabetes blood measuring machine to really feel like they had a handle on things. I generally recommend the Brewer Diet, but it's also important that moms with GD count sugars and calories as well.

There is also a story of mother who became pregnant and then ovulated a second time, becoming pregnant with a second child two weeks after the first. These types of medical anomalies are SO VERY rare, which makes them all the more fascinating to me! Imagine-- being pregnant after you're already pregnant! It wasn't clear until the kids were born that they had different fathers, and it was assumed they were from the same ovulation cycle.

This is just a little 'junk' reading to waste a few moments of your day... Enjoy!


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