A joke to sweeten your Friday!

The OB, the Anesthesiologist, and the Midwife...

An anesthesiologist, an OB, and a midwife walked into a bar. The anesthesiologist ordered a pitcher of stout and a double burger; the OB ordered a Reuben and a bottle of red wine; the midwife ordered their biggest plate of steak and fries with a margarita.
They all sat in a booth and shared war stories.

A long time passed, and the three realized something had gone wrong
with their order. They decided to find out what the problem was. They
found the bus boy just behind the swinging double doors to the kitchen.
He was struggling to get their overloaded cart from the tiled kitchen
to the carpeted dining area. The wheels kept catching on the bump.

The anesthesiologist kneeled down and examined the tires. You just need to inject something here in the back he announced. Then e
verything will go better.

The OB leaned down to look at the carpet. This part of the carpet is blocking the cart, he announced. Give me a knife and I'll just give it a little cut to help it along.

The midwife leaned over to the busboy and whispered loudly in his ear, "You can do this!

Just PUSH!"



TheFeministBreeder said...
December 8, 2009 at 6:35 PM

HAAA haa haa... Yes, that IS funny.

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