Patient Abandonment Video from NBC 5

This video deals with a woman who was dropped from care by her OB at 40 weeks gestation (full term). Her ICAN leader Gina Crosley-Corcoran did a lot of work to try and find her some help, but she ended up delivering (safely, mind you) in the ER. And she got the VBAC she wanted.

My point in posting this article is not to say that 'This OB is a DOUCHE BAG', though that's pretty inarguable at this point. My point goes back to previous postings on communication and the importance of provider selection.

Too many women are waiting until the end of their pregnancies to ask the tough questions, and learning too late that they are incompatible with their provider's general operating procedures. At this point you will either need to give up on what you wanted, switch providers (which can be hard to do late in the game), or WORST CASE, you stick to your guns, and get dropped from care like she did."/>


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