Survivor Moms...

... are the strongest kind there are. Check out this link for more info.

Being a survivor mom, myself. I am well aware of the unique fears and vulnerabilities labor and delivery can present. I think for these moms the MOST IMPORTANT things are dignity, respect, and choices. It's SO IMPORTANT to have a good provider who you trust, and who knows your history.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of a doula. She can soften, and change the tone of the room, hospital, staff, and much more. As a doula, I find that its important to make sure mom feels protected, and like she has choices, and also that everything that happens is okay. Safety is a concern when your body remembers pain and associates it with something so violent and scary. This is how birth can help to heal those wounds, but giving our body something new and amazing to remember that pain with.

There are several books out there on survivors and birth, but again, I really feel that the most empowering options you have are in how well you inform yourself, and what kind of a birth team you build. Get yourself a doula, it's important that this day be unsullied, powerful, and beautiful.


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